Software Engineer

Job description

Trading and the financials aspects of it is an industry that has not evolved much over the last centuries and whilst the world is becoming increasingly global, trading has only changed letters to emails and skype, hardly enough. is a very driven team that works tenaciously to build a modern and unique communication service for B2B transactions.


Engineering is a small cross-skill team composed of experienced tech and product people (average 10+ years). We have a well established product creation processes based on design sprint and lean-agile (xp, short iterations, continuous integration&delivery, continuous improvement through retrospectives and kaizen boards).


What you get joining us

We are working on a communication tool aim to ease b2b transactions. There are a great technical challenges in terms of scalability, reliability, security, You can have a great impact solving that challenges from the our early stage .


You will work in a experienced tech team which uses XP techniques and think about clean code. A small,  international  environment .


Be part of a user-centric company where product and technology work together to build the best service and get paid a competitive base salary.



Our hiring process


The hiring process will have 3 steps. All these steps will be done in a short time, and you will receive feedback of each one.


Tech interview

An hour meeting with the Head of software development. Let's know each other.


Tech test

The goal is to know each other on the trenches.

The are two options the candidate can choose: to spend half day with the tech team with them doing real work or to make a codekata+live session.
The codekata is a simple exercise, and can be done in any popular language (ruby, python, php, java, javascript, golang) with no time or resource restriction. The live session is short pair programming session (60min max) with the tech team.

CEO interview

They also want to know you. It's the right time to ask any organizational & culture questions.


A Developer who:

  • has at least four years of experience on two companies
  • has analytical mindset: think before code
  • is curious and capable of learning new things
  • is willing to work and collaborate with product people in the same area
  • is a team player. XP techniques experience is a plus.
  • is not tied exclusively to a framework.

Some of the tech skills we are looking for:

  • Knowledge of computer engineering. Doesn’t matter if you are selftaught but you have to know CS.
  • Broad experience on one of following languages: php, python, ruby, golang, java, javascript.
  • Experience designing distributed systems, specially in like: architecture, concurrency, queue systems, profiling…
  • We love testing and know the value they add to our product. We hope you have strong knowledge and experience in unit&functional testing. TDD experience is a plus.
  • Experience designing and implementing APIs with REST or other approaches (like RPC).
  • Knowledge and experience with transactional and non-transactional databases (documental, columnar).
  • Interest on some other discipline like infrastucture&ops, frontend or data.